Things to Know About Two Tone Round Bezel Halo Engagement Ring

Getting an engagement ring is one man’s primary concern when he plans to propose to her partner. Engagement rings should be as special as the moment the man proposes to be the future husband of her partner. That’s why giving engagement rings has been customary and traditional. And until now people are patronizing the giving of engagement rings. We know how challenging it is for men to choose a perfect engagement ring for their girls, so we recommend you to shop for a discounted price of two tone round bezel halo engagement rings in Dallas by Shira Diamonds for a great choice.

What is a Bezel Engagement Ring?

The bezel setting engagement rings have settings where the center stone is enclosed in a metal ring making it more secured and protected. Unlike prongs where the corners of the ring are the only ones protected, the bezel setting has a solid metal around the whole center stone. This setting comes in a variety of styles and these are as follows:

Two Tone Halo Engagement Ring

The two tone halo engagement ring has a rose gold bridge on the white gold shank, while the metal holding the center stone is of rose gold and round shape because it’s a halo setting.  Halo setting engagement rings are popular due to their round appearance and this feature can showcase the center ring well. It is called two stone diamond ring settings because it’s a combination of two color metals which is usually yellow gold and white gold.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Bezel as the name implies, the center stone is enclosed in a metal rim, with this feature makes the center more protected and in place. bezel halo engagement ring is Ideal for women who are on the go, the tendency to scratch or damage the ring will be lesser. Its sparkle may be lesser but you can also opt for half bezel rings if you want your stone secured but also desires to have a sparkly ring.  Compared with round diamond ring settings where prongs are the only ones supporting the ring, engagement rings in a halo setting is more ideal. 

2 Stone Diamond Ring Settings

Common engagement rings contain only one center stone but due to customer’s demand jewelry stores start to create rings that acquire two center stones just like the 2 stone diamond ring settings. 

Halo Bezel Engagement Rings

This type of setting can contain one or two center stones. It is a combination of halo setting and bezel setting. The stone is enclosed with a metal rim and at the same time surrounded by accent stones. 

Advantages of Two Tone Round Bezel Halo Engagement Ring

More Durable 

Since the center stone is enclosed in a metal rim, it is then secured and protected from getting damaged by outside elements. Compared with other settings where center stones are just protected by prongs, this type of setting is far better when it comes to sturdiness. 

Covers Inclusions 

For the Two Tone Round Bezel Halo Engagement Ring, you can choose a diamond with lesser clarity since most of its parts are covered; you just have to worry about the surface showing outside the enclosure. 

Easy Maintenance 

Since the sides are solid you don’t have to worry if specks of dirt are getting under the stone. You just have to clean the top of the stone and the shank of the ring. Compared with rings on prong setting it is far easier to clean bezel halo engagement rings. 

More affordable 

Since you don’t have to look for a flawless diamond, you can pay less for it. Clarity if diamond matters when it comes to designs that show most of the entire center stone but with bezel setting lesser clarity is fine.

If you have a partner who loves to work with their hands and is always on the go then Two Tone Round Bezel Halo Engagement Ring is perfect for her. Details are given for you to be able to decide why you have to consider getting Two Tone Round Bezel Halo Engagement Ring as your engagement ring. It has two shades that can match your partner’s skin tone and it has the most secured setting which is halo and bezel then what else can you ask for.