Deed Poll: The best way to change your name in the UK


A divorce, marriage, starting a new life or just a whim can be few of the several reasons that you are looking to change your name legally in the UK. Doing so is simpler and cost-effective now with the help of an official Deed Poll document. It’s a declaration of the name change that is attested by legal authorities to get your name officially changed at key offices, banks and government records.

Agencies such as the UK Deed Poll Office are efficient at processing a deed poll within 24 hours and sending it to you via first-class mail. All you need to do is fill an online application form, provide necessary proof and details and upon receipt, sign and witness the physical Deed Poll copies for submission.

About a Deed Poll

A deed poll is a declaration to officiate your name change since there is no Official Deed Poll government office dedicated to the process. It’s a legal document that verifies your new name that can be submitted to change your old name on driving license, bank statements, passport, etc.

It will have information about your old name, new name and the date you start using your new name officially. It doesn’t require hiring a lawyer or visiting the court. The deed poll is universal; it works for everyone looking to change the name due to gender change, divorce, getting a new identification to relate with another culture or religion or to simply start afresh with a new name if you have a criminal record.

How much does it cost?

A deed poll is pretty much a self-declaration that you can make on your own and print it to start using your new name. Although, the problem with doing so is such self-created deed polls won’t be accepted in all government offices since they don’t look professional.

On the other hand, spending a little on a paid deed poll made by an agency such as the UK Deed Poll Office ensures your application never gets rejected. They offer a deed poll printed on a parchment paper with an official seal stamp that is guaranteed accepted at every official institution.

What are the restrictions on name selection via a deed poll?

When applying for a deed poll, ensure that you don’t pick a name that falls under the following one or more categories:

  •       An offensive or Vulgar name
  •       A new name that is promotes illegal or criminal activities
  •       A name radical slur or a name that mocks certain groups or institutions
  •       A name made with punctuations, numbers and symbols
  •       A title that isn’t British
  •       A trademarked name of a celebrity or a brand that can be used for your benefit

Final Thoughts

When choosing an online deed service, ensure that they have secure payment and offer the print on parchment paper with a proper seal. Also, ensure that you order enough copies to submit at all the official agencies to prove your new name. Agencies such as the UK Deed Poll Office can provide you with the list of agencies so that you don’t miss out on any. And if you don’t order an adequate amount of copies, you can get photocopies of existing ones and get them attested legally for use.

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