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Picture this, you are watching a video, and the voiceover on that video is just not right. It might not sync properly or the audio might not fit well with the video. Because of these problems, voiceover artists and recorders should be very vigilant. If you are going to record a voiceover yourself, here are some tips and tricks that can help you from an experienced British male voiceover artist himself:

Focus on Your Posture

Your posture is very important if you want to deliver an excellent voiceover. Practice reading your script in different positions to determine which position works best for you. If your posture is not correct it will show through your voiceover. A good posture will help you keep up with regular breaths, and your voiceover will not have instances of you gasping for air.

Stay Hydrated

A parched throat will put you up for disappointment as your voice will not sound right. This is why you need to keep a glass of water nearby so that your throat does not dry up. If your mouth or throat is dry, you might experience problems like clicks, pops, and smacks, disrupting your voiceovers.

Don’t Speak, Talk!

Most amateur voiceover artists tend to forget the difference between speaking and talking. When you are recording a voiceover, you are talking to someone. This means that when talking you must use all your body language to contribute to the authenticity of your voiceover. However, you cannot rely on your body language to explain what you want to say, as the voiceover will not record your body movements but just your voice.Take appropriate breaths in between and try to be as coherent.

Practice Warm-up Exercises

Your voice needs to be prepped before you start recording a voiceover. You cannot just stand in front of a microphone and start speaking. To bring your voice to its true potential, you can start with a couple of warm-up exercises.

You might have to make funny voices or simply read the script out loud. This way, you will not only practice the reading but also gauge where you need to emphasize and what parts you can read in flow.

Read the Script

Voiceover artists need to familiarize themselves with the script before getting to the actual reading. Not   preparing will take a lot of time to record the voiceover, and there will be many issues that you can easily resolve only if you read the script multiple times beforehand.

Recording a British voiceover can be difficult as it requires a proper enunciation and accent. With the tips mentioned above, your voiceover recording experience can improve significantly.

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