Brands jump onto the A2 cow ghee bandwagon

Worn out of currently being troubled with allergic rhinitis given that childhood, Girija Kumar resolved to try A2 cow ghee (ghee designed only from the milk of desi cows) instead of refined oil to prepare dinner her day-to-day meals, on the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner. Two many years later on, she is free of charge of her sneezing bouts, runny nose, crimson itchy watery eyes and inflammation all over the eyes.

Girija then went on to buy 3 desi ‘Swarna Kapila’ cows and two ‘Gir’ cows which are raised in her farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru to assure a day-to-day offer of A2 cow milk and ghee for her spouse and children.

“Antihistamine medicines just offer non permanent reduction. My immune method been given a massive increase with the day-to-day consumption of A2 cow ghee and milk. My partner and youngsters do not fall unwell just about every other thirty day period any more” she instructed BusinessLine.

Ghee is a $five hundred-million business in India. Although there is no data out there on the marketplace measurement for A2 cow ghee, which is a sub-group, business specialists peg it at approximately ₹200 crore at current. Kapiva, Vedic, Farm Naturelle, Nandini Dairy Farm, GirOrganic, Divya Kamdhenu and Mr Dairy are some of the a lot of brands that have jumped on to the A2 cow ghee bandwagon. Their ghee is priced ₹1,two hundred-1,600 for five hundred ml.

Catering to the wants of individuals like Girija and a lot of others who are choosing pure, organic meals for their top-quality dietary and wellness positive aspects, Gaia, a health and fitness and wellness brand, has also joined the A2 cow ghee. Derived from A2 milk of indigenous Indian cow breeds ‘Sahiwal’ and ‘Rathi’, the enterprise says the ghee is churned working with regular techniques. Gaia A2 Cow Ghee is priced at ₹1,100 for five hundred ml and ₹2,050 for 1 litre and is out there in 1,two hundred premium retail outlets throughout twenty five States and will be out there soon on Amazon and Flipkart.

“Being in India, you just simply cannot do without having ghee, which is a element of our staple eating plan. The ever-mounting demand and the competitive pressures on prices in this product or service group final result in the adoption of unethical techniques and consequently compromised high quality. So, the pack of ghee that reaches your kitchen does not provide the positive aspects for which the obtain has been designed in the initial spot. A2 cow ghee addresses all these problems, delivering fantastic health and fitness. Folks observing special eating plans like keto can happily take in it without having experience guilty. It is suitable for health and fitness-conscious doing the job experts as very well as dwelling-makers who have to have to health supplement the dietary gaps in their day-to-day diet” explained Dolly Kumar, founder and Director at Cosmic Nutracos Options, the dad or mum enterprise of Gaia.

Shrey Badhani, co-founder of Kapiva, a contemporary Ayurvedic nutrition brand which provides A2 desi Cow Ghee from ‘Gir’ and ‘Tharparkar cows’ at ₹1,five hundred for five hundred ml, says expanding fascination in A2 cow ghee fuelled by consumer discovery on the net of its health and fitness positive aspects, started to display up from early 2017.

To cater to the burgeoning demand of discerning shoppers for healthy options, Kapiva introduced A2 desi cow Ghee in 2018. “Demand for our A2 cow Ghee has developed around 5x in the final eighteen months,” he explained.