Best of BS Opinion: Managing public debt, urban equilibrium, and more

The uncertain economic outlook and valuation concerns are not stopping Indian investors from pushing up inventory charges.

The Indian inventory marketplace obtained around one per cent on Monday. Just one of the difficulties that should really fear each investors and policymakers is increasing community financial debt. Company Conventional Viewpoint items for the working day converse about community financial debt amongst other challenges

If India does not get again to at least 10-eleven per cent nominal gross domestic product or service expansion, then the nation will have actual challenges in striving to stabilise community financial debt ratios, writes Akash Prakash

The growth in the spending budget deficit due to the pandemic shock is understandable, but what is worrying is that India’s community financial debt has been steadily increasing, notes our 2nd editorial

By choosing unprovoked aggression around enlightened generosity, China has squandered a historic possibility and perhaps also uncovered its real character, writes Arvind Subramanian

City lockdown looks to be evolving in each individual city to find its possess stability amongst reduction of life and reduction of money, writes Mahesh Vyas


“From in which points stand at present, it is unachievable for our company to fly by this economic storm without making some sacrifices, in get to maintain our company functions.”

IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta