5 Benefits of CodeGuard Website Backup

5 Benefits of CodeGuard Website Backup

When a new site is launched, most site owners give a lot of thought to the design of the site, its content, and even the web hosting plan they want to use. There are various hosting services available like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc. They choose a service based on the needs of the website. However, one thing that most of them miss is a reliable website backup tool. While there are numerous tools available offering website backup solutions, CodeGuard, with automated website backup services and a range of other benefits, has evolved as a popular name in site backups

Today, we will share five important benefits of CodeGuard Website Backup.

1: The backup is stored in the cloud

The CodeGuard Website Backup tool stores the backup files of a website on the cloud by using the S3 service (Simple Storage Service) of Amazon. There are no additional charges for storing it on the cloud. While there are companies that are offering free cloud storage, the space is usually insufficient and the service is unreliable. However, with CodeGuard, this is not an issue.

2: Files are compressed smartly before the backup

It is usually recommended to take site backups every day. So, if the size of a website is around 100MB, then over the course of a month, the storage required would be around 3GB. This will be the case if the site owner uses the snapshot method for backups. CodeGuard offers FTP backup with smart compression technology to reduce the size of the backup files. This allows you to store more backups in the same space.

3: MalwareGone™

When you purchase a CodeGuard Website Backup plan, you receive a free malware scanner called MalwareGone™. While there are other malware scanners available, CodeGuard offers the same features free for its subscribers.

4: Site monitoring

CodeGuard is designed to constantly monitor your site for any changes. The moment it identifies one, it informs you and makes the necessary changes to the backed-up files. 

5: Hassle-free restoration

The primary role of a website backup is offering quick and easy restoration of the site in the event of a disaster. With the cloud-based CodeGuard tool, you can restore your website with a single click and within no time. Further, WordPress users might find many tools offering site restore via a single click. However, in the event of a security breach, the backups can get infected too. With CodeGuard, you can restore your site directly from the cloud.

The following video further lists 5 exceptional benefits of CodeGuard:

Summing Up

Since CodeGuard charges for its plans, it has also ensured that any query faced by its clients gets handled with care. Hence, it has a 24×7 support team assisting people to get their backup processes in place. As you can see, CodeGuard offers a website backup service with benefits that can help different types of websites offer a better experience. Lastly, despite the tools offered by the host, always take a local backup of your site too. Good Luck! 

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