U.S. Orders China to Close Houston Consulate

The U.S. ordered China to shut its consulate in Houston, with officers accusing it and other Chinese diplomatic missions of financial espionage and visa fraud, an unparalleled escalation in a speedily deteriorating romance.

U.S. officers explained Wednesday that the Houston consulate has been a concentrate of rising problem and has until 4 p.m. Friday to close. Assistant Secretary of Point out David Stilwell in an interview called the buy to close the Houston consulate “long overdue” and explained it followed a sequence of malign activities…

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Italy Approves Coronavirus Spending Package

ROME—The Italian governing administration permitted a new €25 billion ($28.ninety four billion) shelling out offer late Wednesday, a day soon after European Union leaders agreed on a €1.eight trillion offer aimed in large part to enable Italy and other southern European nations around the world blunt the financial impression of the coronavirus […]