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If you have come across a solution for hosting a website with a Linux VPS’s help, you sure must have some questions. Before investing in anything, it is vital to gather information and have all your questions answered. So, we will take a look at the most common questions about Linux VPS that people have.

What’s the main difference between Windows and Linux OS’es?

As you may know, Linux VPS is, in essence, a virtual private server running on a Linux operating system. It means that you will still share the server with other users, but their actions and traffic to their websites will not impact the performance of your virtual server in any way. Each virtual server has its separate operating system and apps, so you are not limited to what software you can run on yours either.

You would ask then, how is it different from other options, more precisely, Windows product? Both of the services have the exact technical specifications, so their overall performance is equally smooth. As the choice of the OS’es differs, one is meant for Linux, the other for Windows fans. However, there is one thing worth mentioning. Linux kernel is freely customized and modified, and therefore technically, it allows you to do more than any other VPS.

What are the extra perks to make use of?

What are the other benefits of using this type of server? For starters, you have increased security which stems from having full root access and setting up the security yourself. Next is reliability – trusting market professionals, you can get the uptime up to 99.98%. With no downtimes, even when upscaling the plan! It is way higher than other affordable hosting options.

What about pricing?

And, of course, there is always a fateful question of pricing. Compared to upscaled shared hosting service, Linux is an absolute winner here, as its plans’ prices are comparably lower. And as the cherry on top, with some required skills, the perfect Linux environment is still the most customizable.

Who can make the most of it?

You might have heard that it is less user-friendly, though, and have some doubts about it. Arguably, the ones who can make the most out of Linux virtual private servers are:

  • Programmers
  • Designers
  • Web developers
  • Game developers

Linux is a less user-friendly OS; it swaps simplicity for extreme customizability. Yet that does not mean that new IT savvy users would feel completely lost. You can choose to install a control panel to provide you with a friendly and simple interface to work within the default command line prompt. Also, there are plenty of online tutorials, including fully prepared commands that you only need to copy and paste in.

With this information, you should be ready to make your purchase or keep immersing yourself deeper before hosting your website with a VPS running on a Linux OS.

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