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Even the most modern-day buildings can use far additional energy than the designers intended. EU scientists have produced an open source energy management process that can pinpoint in which energy is remaining squandered and show achievable answers.


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Modern-day buildings are significantly made to be energy successful, generally using complex sensing and management units to hold energy intake beneath handle. However, in too numerous instances, the envisaged financial savings are still not remaining accomplished.

‘We have examples displaying that numerous, numerous buildings do not function as anticipated from their design,’ claims Pascale Brassier, coordinator of the EU-funded HIT2GAP undertaking. ‘In some instances, this energy-efficiency gap indicates buildings are consuming additional than two times the anticipated total of energy.’

There can be numerous reasons why buildings do not perform as effectively as intended. The design calculations could be faulty, faulty methods or improper elements might have been made use of in design, and the commissioning of the constructing products and services might not have been optimal. But numerous of the losses occur during the regular, each day procedure of the constructing and that is what HIT2GAP’s 22 associates set out to handle.

The project’s answer is identified as BEMServer, an open source software program deal that functions as a gateway among the building’s possess sensing units and a set of optional modules that provide a range of energy-monitoring and optimisation products and services.

Serious-time simulations

The BEMServer collects data this kind of as indoor temperature and humidity, electric power intake for lighting, heating and air flow, data on the procedure of the heating process and even external weather disorders. ‘These measured data are the “fuel” for the BEMServer products and services,’ Brassier claims.

Several of the modules present simulations of the constructing calibrated in opposition to real measurements. ‘So you can have a genuine-time simulation software that will support to detect malfunctioning of the process. It can support a facility supervisor detect the difficulty and intervene to accurate it pretty speedily.’

Properties in 4 nations have been made use of as check beds for the BEMServer: a nanoscience study centre in San Sebastian, Spain, the town hall in the Wilanów district of Warsaw, Poland, the engineering constructing of the Nationwide College of Eire in Galway, and the headquarters of Bouygues Design near Versailles in France.

Brassier claims the Galway instance, in distinct, confirmed how a lot could be saved by attending to failings in air-dealing with units. ‘The faults were being detected in a pretty trustworthy and exact way. These are prevalent faults which can be discovered in each individual constructing. When we corrected them we measured the influence and discovered a superior likely for energy saving.’

The undertaking believed that financial savings of among twenty five % and 65 % could be produced in electric power intake of normal air-dealing with units. ‘This is a pretty good instance of the optimistic influence created by the BEMServer and the modules.’

Human elements

A different module detects omissions by the occupants, this kind of as leaving lights on or home windows open right away, while Brassier admits that human conduct is a lot tougher to impact than changing machinery. ‘This is a challenging topic but it’s a pretty massive source of the energy-efficiency gap so this module and this company is pretty vital.’

HIT2GAP finished in August 2019 but the get the job done is continuing. As the BEMServer is absolutely free and open source, anybody can acquire it additional or produce and sell insert-on modules to get the job done with it. Twelve modules are offered to day.

Brassier’s enterprise, Nobatek/Inef4, is doing work on new modules as effectively as enhancing the robustness of BEMServer alone by pre-processing the data been given from the constructing management process to boost the excellent of the data shipped to the modules.

‘We do not need to have closed, black-box units,’ the coordinator stresses. ‘We are seeking to press in the other route by supplying an open source software that persons can use, modify and extend for their possess desires.’

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