Benefits of Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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There is nothing more fulfilling than to be able to use your car all day long without worrying about the amount of fuel you can use. That’s how Electric car owners feel, especially if they have home electric charging stations! Home electric vehicle charging stations have been making life convenient for people who have electric cars.  Electric car users are continuously growing because they can see the benefits of it compared with fuel powered cars. They might be expensive but worth it considering the benefits it can give you once you install one. 

Charges Fast 

Residential EV charger comes in different levels, level 2 charger can fully charge the battery three times faster than level 1. Getting your car fully charged before going out will allow you to drive uninterrupted since you don’t need to stop at commercial charging stations to get your car charged.  Four hours is enough to fully charge a 30 kWh  battery of an electric car. What’s more when you are using a residential EV charger you can customize to be able to use plugs that can charge your cars faster, compared when you are using public EV charging stations where options are limited. 

Levels of Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Level 1 Charging

A 120V household outlet can be used for this level. It can provide 4 to 5 range of miles per hour , some EV owners can find it enough to use this while some who use their cars everyday might not be satisfied with it. If EV are not used every day then Level 1 can be enough to charge their cars. 

  • Level 2 Charging 

A 240V outlet will be used in this level and can provide 12 to 60 miles range per hour still depending on how much the source of the power can supply and how much the EV can take. 

  • Level 3 Charging 

This level is also known as the DC fast charging level. They are available at much high voltage and can charge cars with as much as 800 volts. 

You can pick an option of which one can satisfy your needs and have it installed in your residences.

Convenient to Charge 

If you are loaded with a daily routine, having a home electric vehicle charger can be a big help. You just have to charge it upon arriving at home and be ready to use in the morning.  Being able to have a fully charged vehicle can help you budget your time for other more important things rather than spending it on recharging your electric car outside your home. 

Big Savings of Charging Cost 

You can save up to 65% if you have a residential charging station compared with public charging stations. You may spend one time budget on having an electric car charger home installation but it will pay off from the savings you get after you stop utilizing  public charging stations. In addition, residential electric vehicle charging is convenient and inexpensive with a home solar system. Therefore it will not be an issue if you have a home solar system. They actually match each other and can help you save more on your electricity bills. 


Getting an electric car charging home installation can make it safer for you to charge your car at home rather than having it charge in a public charging station, where it can be vandalized, damaged or worse stolen. These circumstances are unavoidable but with charging at home you can secure your car as well as your EV residential charger. Just make sure that you hire an authorized installer for your residential electric car charging stations. 

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging can give benefit to people who have a busy daily routine. IT can make it more convenient for them to move around with their cars and saves them time from charging in public EV charging stations. Although one has to invest in getting residential EV charger installation. It will be worth it, since he can get more benefits than deficits from it. Being able to charge your car fast is just one of the benefits of getting more plus other advantages, so getting one is an ideal decision.

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